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We'd love to change the sketch into design for you!

Our Services

Formation of engineering ideas, creating of prototypes, one’s writings of patents & utility design. General drawing documentation etc.

Saving your time.

We save your time by adding our know-how to your problems.

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Design of prototypes.

DonĀ“t look at boundaries. CREATIVITY is our start point.

Patents & utility design creation.

Let the professionals make all the work. We are designers, you are the owner.

General drawing documentation.

We know how important drawing documentation is. Let it on us.


From attachments for light or heavy construction equipment to the attachments for agronomy machines. From carrier to gripper. From 3D print to sheet metal.


CEO of Baniari Consulting has already 5 successful patents and utility desings on his account. Vladislav Baniari started at the age of 19 years old and still goes beyond the conventions to discover some new potential ideas from the field of mechanical engineering.

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Worlds of innovation

Everything can be nicer, lighter or stiffer. FEM analysis give us better image of what we need to change, shape generators give us new view on objects, new materials give us possibilities to make products lighter.
But only man has the knowledge what he can do, what data he can put together, only man can cooperate with other persons to reach the top of innovations.

Time is irreplaceable

Time flies for everyone different, but no one can return time back. Invest your time in things you can change. Other let on us.

Location is not all

Location in our sector is not major, but its important to have contact with our customers. We are located in centre of Slovakia and even 5km near to the centre of Europe!